The idea of rent to own can seem attractive to a home buyer who for some reason cannot buy a property at the current time due to not enough down payment, or the right credit score. The concept makes it possible for them to make the purchase over time at a set price. It is true that rent to own can be a win-win situation for both landlord and tenant when it’s structured corrently. it is advise that both the landlord and tenant should consider having a legal representative before signing the documents, to make sure that everyone is well protected. The article below illustrate how things can go wrong if proper precautions and due diligence is not taken.
Rent-to-own works, but beware the pitfalls

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Real Estate in Hamilton & area show steady growth

Good news to Hamiltonians and investors…it seem Hamilton is keeping to his good reputation, just few months ago it was rated by Real estate investment network of Canada as No. 1 for investments.  As said by Ann forbes Arndt (president of the Realtors’ Association of Hamilton-Burlington) – “We just don’t see huge adjustments in price. We are consistent which in turn leads more people to buy.” 

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Rent or Buy…Most renters dream to buy!!

rent or buy

Although majority of renters will love to own their own home someday, but more than half of them don’t think it will be possible in the next five years.  As we all know, owning your own home comes with a lot of financial benefits than just a reference letter that we sometimes get from landlord after renting from them for for few years.

Below is a recent study that indicates that many want to buy, but are reluctant due to fear of the mortgage qualification process and responsibility.

Most Renters Plan to Buy, But Fear Lending Standards.

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Can we consider this a seller’s market?

Hamilton which was recognized by spectator as one of the best place to invest in Canada few months ago is now back to the scene.  But this time seeking for more inventory in the marketplace, properties selling for much more than asking.  A report by Re/max this year states that “property values in Hamilton have jumped 76 per cent in 10 years”.  Buyers are anxiously waiting for home owners to list their properties.  See a report by the spectator today. – Bidding Wars: Housing gone crazy





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So you bought a new home….somethings to think About!

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So you bought a new home…think you own everything?  THINK AGAIN!! Some 20-25 years ago the Gas Utilities came up with a brilliant way to increase the sale of their goods.  Mainly, the increased consumption of natural gas.Every new house … Continue reading

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Are Condo maintenance fee worth the money?

As a real estate agent, i’m asked the question numerous number of times.  I personally think the answer is not a yes or a no, but it really depends.  That is, it depends on the individual, but I must say be careful when making the decision to buy a condo with such.  With amount of fees some condo corporation charges, it scary to say but I don’t think it worth it.

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10 Major Factors That Affect Your Home Sale

Here are the three main factors that comes into play when you thinking to sell your property

1. Condition,
2. Price
3. Location

So here are 10 Major factors

1.  Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is very important, because most buyer will do a drive-by in the area that they are interested in.  And when they do a drive-by, the curb appeal of the home decides if they will like to set up an appointment to see the inside.  If they don’t like what they see outside, chances are they won’t care to see inside.

2.  Air Quality/odour/pets/holidays

This is another important aspect when it comes to buyer decision, this can affect buyer determine if they will make an offer or not.

3.  Depersonalizing

You want the buyer to feel connected to the home, like they are already living there.  So displaying your personal item items like pictures and award might not help buyers visualizing themselves in the home.

4.   Flooring

A good up-to-date flooring as been one of the top selling features buyers are looking for, when it comes to buying a home.

5.  Furniture Placement

Furniture placement is another factor that could affect your home sale.  it helps show off each room to its full potential.  The seller needs to keep in mind that buyers will walk through each room, so keep in mind of traffic flow.

6.  Home Inspection

Its a good idea to consider a home inspection before you put your home on the market.  Its helps you know of any area of concern, and inspection report can be used as a marketing tool to potential buyers.

7.  Main Selling Room

When buyers walk through the property, there are 6 main rooms that are more important than others.  Here they are:Foyer, Kitchen  Living Room, Dinning Room, Family Room/ Great Room, Master Bedroom.

8. Paint

Painting is very important.  it is best to go with neutral color because it helps appeal to a wide selection of buyers.

9. Pre-Packing/Clutter

Potential Buyers want to move into a house and continue working and living without a lot of interruptions. Your home will sell quickly if you impress them with a house that is move-in ready.

10.  Updates and Repairs

Buyers today are looking to purchase homes that do not require a lot of updates and repairs. Are you aware that buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has been well maintained?



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